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Hi everyone!


This is my second time on the forum. The first time i was here it was to ask for help with interrupts and an LED display. 43oh was very helpful and I accomplished my goal.

Today I am here to ask for help again.


Goal: Implement the code previously written into the chip only and drive it without the development board. (breadboard mode)


I did some research and most post/websites told me that all i need is 3.3V and a 47k resistor going from VCC to the RST pin on the chip and that my program would start working... I tried this and it did not. reference:http://crossplatform.net/running-msp430-launchpad-on-a-breadboard/


My question is, since I am working with interrupts and my code is a bit complicated, would i need an external clock/crystal?

What do i need to move away from the development board and onto the breadboard?


Thanks in advanced, everyone here is so helpful!!


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@@RobG. @@spirilis, @@Antscran, @@rockets4kids you guys have all been very helpful!


As far as code? I am using energia, Im not sure if i need to set up a DCO or Flash cmd file into energia to run it on the breadboard?

I tried the cap and the resistor and i still cant get it to run.


I know in CCS i can set up the DCO and program in flash, im just not sure how to do that, or if energia does that.

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Energia sets the chip up to run 16MHz via the internal oscillator(s?), the external crystal is typically for an optional 32.768kHz crystal for RTC use. It's not used for the core clock in Energia, nor in most setups.


Regardless of what you're programming it with, you really shouldn't need anything more than VCC (2.0v to 3.6v), GND, a cap from VCC to GND, and a pullup resistor on RST(reset).

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