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MSP-FET Backchannel UART.

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Just got my half-price MSP-FET in the mail today.  MSP-FET Backchannel UART support was added in MSP Debug Stack  The firmware version and driver versions match this on my system.


I default my terminal (Linux) to 9600 bps and this is normally fine with the FR5969 and F5529 Launchpad built-in EZ-FET.  However, when I use the MSP-FET on the 5969 LP, I have to bump the speed of the port up to something higher and back down to 9600 before data begins to pass correctly.  Has anyone else observed this?


Again, the EZ-FET on the same FR5969 LP is fine.  When I switch to the JTAG header with the MSP-FET, the behavior is different.


There seem to be some differences in the UART behavior on the EZ-FET vs the MSP-FET.

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Hello zborgerd,


even this thread was never answered and is a bit old.


I was close to give up on a MSP2553 on a bredboard and using the MSP-FET with uart backchannel @ 9600.

It never worked for no reason, even connecting ping 14 and 12 directly.

found your topic and indeed, switching to 115200, it magically works.

not to bad switching the MCU to 115200, however, one may get some grey hairs not knowing about this "bug?".


ps: i used ccs 7.0.0 on linux.


best regards

Peter ;-)

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