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My english is very bad, but i need somme help.

i was using energia 1.8.7E21 and the launchpad EXP430G2ET for upload small sketch.

After change my PC I load the same drivers and the same rev of energia and the upload does not works.

I receive this message :"cannot run programm (runtime.tools.delite- /DebugServer/bin/DSLite : createProcess error 2"

Sorry for my english bur i really need help.

Thank you for your answer.

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@stenkiste I spent the entire day fighting with this and after many, many attempts and hours of frustration I finally got the system working. Note: I am working with an MSP-EXP430F5529LP and am running energia-1.8.10E23. Given how the day has gone, I can't offer any guarantees that my "solution" will work for you.

Ulitmately the steps that worked:

1: Via the disturbingly buggy board manager update to version 1.0.7 for the built-in boards (mine was on 1.0.6), which I believe applies to your board too.

2. Make sure Energia is using the right "platform.txt" file. I found that there was version in my Users/myname/AppData/Energia15 being updated, but not used by Energia since I had installed to my U: drive. I copied the contents of platform.txt from my user file to the copy Energia was actually using, U:\Energia\energia-1.8.10E23\hardware\energia\msp430\platform.txt.

3. Search the file for dslite - the filename Java looks for has been changed from





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