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Register to be eligible for a FREE FRAM MCU Dev Kit bundles courtesy of Avnet and TI

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Got this email today. Enjoy!




Exclusive Offer:

Register today to be eligible for a FREE FRAM MCU Dev Kit bundles courtesy of Avnet and TI.

Bundle #1 includes the BQ25570 Ultra-low power boost converter with battery management, MSP430 ULP FRAM platform LaunchPad and a Sharp

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I registered, definitely curious to see what they have to say!  Energy harvesting (and solar for that matter) is to me a high-value subject that I just haven't had the time or specific application to "dive" into yet...

That was .... a pretty dry presentation.  Could almost sense the "script fatigue" in the presenter's voice.

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Not a bad presentation. Seen a lot drier in a webinar (like the dozen or so compliance ones I have to view at work every year), and seen better. A bit of fresh info, but not a lot for someone who follows the related TI tech updates, a none of the devices/technologies discussed are new release. Nice to be able to submit questions, tho

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I hadn't checked out TI's energy scavenging boost converters previously, so that was interesting.

Overall, awfully dry and scripted.

The Q/A box never went live for me.


I'll rate it as vaguely interesting, but I wouldn't have sat through it without the potential bribes I don't think. Seemed like it was mostly aimed at marketing.

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Anyone else getting spammed to complete surveys by UBM Tech since viewing the webinar? It's definitely due to this as it's the only thing I've used that particular email address for (and there's a tiny UBM logo in the top right). Unsubscribing has no effect. I'd suggest avoiding this webinar if you were considering it.

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