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DC Current per I/O Pin (MSP430G2xxx)

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Basically, looking at page 25, you see (almost) everything you need.


Right-side graphs (Vcc=3V), Typical Low-Level Output Current vs. Low-Level Output Voltage ... and Typical High-Level Output Current vs. High-Level Output Voltage.

At 8mA, the port is outputting ~2.7V, and when sourcing 8mA the pin's voltage may rise to ~0.2V or so.  If you feel you have some leeway there, you can try putting more current through it, but just beware on those graphs how the voltage may change.  I think 8mA max is a good rule of thumb to keep things close to ideal.


Page 24 indicates: (1) The maximum total current, I(OHmax) and I(OLmax), for all outputs combined should not exceed +/-48mA to hold the maximum voltage drop specified.

So don't use more than 5 or 6 of them with those sorts of loads at a time, I say...

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