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We have used Energia for TM4C123GXL for firmware development of a product.   Now we want to do firmware updates in the field over USB-serial bridge to UART0.   We have successfully used the serial variant of the TM4C123GXL built-in ROM bootloader with Code Composer - built apps to test the serial update process.  However with the Energia-generated .bin files, the serial load works but the app does not restart correctly after the load, and requires a hard reset or power cycle to boot correctly.   So I think it may have something to do with jumping to the start address after load.    I have looked at the .map file to find the hex address of ResetISR, but using that as the start address still does not work.   

Has anyone successfully used TivaWare ROM or flash serial bootloader to update Energia-generated firmware?   Any advice on how to debug this?

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