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Just came across this promotion. A board house in China is offering five free boards for open source projects. They even pay shipping.




The boards must be

1-2 layer

Max 10x15cm size


Seems to be a way for them to flesh out some areas on their site with some OpenSource boards. Some may be interested.

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It's not that great.


I tried it for my rgb clock project.


You have to do a lot of work for it.  You basically trade your project documentation(which you have to customize for their site) for the boards. They're not that good of boards, green only, take quite a while to get(elecrow was faster).



I eventually went with elecrow since they had black available and I didn't feel sketchy basically selling my design.

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Thanks for the head's up! I have to look into this. My EFI ECU board is 10.8cm x 8cm, and the long dimension can be fudged easily.


I'm on a budget so 5 boards for $0 is worth it since the HW is total open source so I don't care much if they copy it. Besides, I'm sure it'll have errors, and if it doesn't, I don't care.


I don't mind green, but black would've been better.

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True - PCBs are not actually intended to be visible. Is just us that like to see what we've put all that effort into.

Ha ha... believe me, I think black and purple (or whatever) boards are awesome, but if I can save money, it doesn't take much to convince me to go with basic green.  If you are putting together a maker-focused kickstarter I can understand the point of going for a custom look.  Other than that, go for cheap.


Incidentally, adding cost to go for ENIG finish is not always a bad idea.  It bonds to solder nicely, certainly nicer than the lousy HASL finish.  

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