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Airdog Airleash - How does this even work?

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Maybe it should use an infrared beacon on the user's arm?


The way I think of IR, is that IR is just a form of ASK (analog shift keying, or digital AM) using a ~300 THz (Terahertz) carrier frequency.  The antenna for IR can be very small due to the very high frequency.  however, to go a certain distance, the power of the transmission must also be very high.  Interference from daylight poses an additional problem.


Instead, a lower frequency band can be used.  Since the helicopter already needs some from of control interface, it makes sense to me to just use the same interface for distance measuring.  If we really care about accuracy, it is easier to do time-difference-of-arrival (TDOA) and/or time-of-flight measurements using a normal RF band like 433, 900, 2450, etc.

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