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[Work In Progress]

Hello everyone, I made a project a couple of months ago that could interests the community. This is a SIM900 module based Machine to Machine shield for MSP430G2 Launchpad.


Background and context :

Approching the end of courses at university and seeing the internship on the verge to begin, we had an Industrial computing project. Mine was too develop the program for an intrusion alarm using :

- GPRS/GSM module by ElecFreaks at 36











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"This prototype works, but not fully tested : I need a good alimention to supply 2 Amps bursts from the SIM900 during active communication."


Try a LiPoly with a big capacitor.

I just figured out that I have a free PC power supply, i'll modify it until the end of the week ! 

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Where do you need modifications? PC power supplies deliver 3.3V and 5V out of the box, no modifications required!

Don't worry, 

I thought to modify it as "lab power supply" with connectors, but don't have metal drill finally.

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Best of luck with your project mate! Looks pretty neat and i've always wanted to do a personal GSM/CMDA project XD.


Do you by chance have a link to info regarding that simple phone you showed a picture of?

I have one but it's only an overview about projects of students in the lab and files are not shared but anyway : http://ietk.feri.um.si/projekti/studentski-projekti/ 

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