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Printed TI manuals - underrated IMO

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I decided "for the hell of it" to print out the MSP430 chip family User's Guide, all 676 pages of it (slau445).  Total cost was ~$70 altogether including the $10 binder from Staples.  I used bestvaluecopy.com for the printing - printed in B&W, with a thicker color cover sheet, 3-hole drilled, shrink-wrapped, and put it in my own binder.

Reading the more esoteric parts of the book - like the PMM, SVS and CS systems - is actually much nicer in print I found.  Just more comfortable to sit down at the table and *look* at the diagrams and text and hold my left hand under the page with the schematic/diagram while reading the details & refer back and forth.  Underrated way to consume these documents IMO.  I need to get some sticky notes or small sticky tabs (dunno why I didn't think to buy them when I was at Staples) to bookmark the important chapters (eUSCI peripherals, etc).

The BestValueCopy order was $37.31 for the book (676p double-sided), $19.88 for shipping, then the Staples 400-page binder was ~$12 with tax IIRC.  For the smaller documents like the per-chip datasheet, I might have them do a comb-binding or similar.  Only issue is that shipping cost.  So I need to compare that with local services like staples or fedex kinkos..



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