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MSP1202 - Nokia 1202 LCD library

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I may have posted about this a long time ago, but I had written a library to utilize the Nokia 1202 cellphone parts LCDs - there are a couple BoosterPacks we made years ago using this and I have at least 1 working board in my bin of parts.


The library includes "msp430_spi.c", which provides an implementation of SPI for several chips including some of the FRAM chips (FR5969 and FR2433 iirc).  As the Nokia 1202 LCD does not break out the D/C line, it requires 9-bit SPI, and the "spi_transfer9()" function is defined for those chips (for all the eUSCI_A0/A1/B0/etc instances).  This one is tricky because it requires code written directly for your specific chip, toggling GPIOs between the USCI peripheral mode and standard GPIO mode so the 9th bit can be "simulated" using GPIO, then switched back to SPI mode and the remaining 8 bits transmitted using the traditional 8-bit spi_transfer() function.

The library includes "ste2007.c" for driving the LCD, and a basic font set (font_5x7.h) including the TI logo at character 0x81+0x82 (print those 2 side-by-side in that order).

You have to provide a function for driving the Chip Select line of the LCD, and edit ste2007.c to set your function's name for the STE2007_CHIPSELECT #define.

Under terminal/ and terminal_lite/ you'll find a few implementations of a 16x8 character display, with printf-style display supported along with a cursor - and in the terminal/ subfolder, "msp430_stdio.c" actually implements the TI cl430 compiler's STDIO interface, so you can use the TI optimizing C/C++ compiler's actual printf() and other C stdio functions against this display.

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