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Extending Memory with Flash Support.

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Hello All,


I would like to add a flash memory support to the MSP430.

Can you please advise on how to accomplish that and if the MCU will manageable to handle the Flash memory.

Utlimately, I would to offer the possibility to upload to/download from the Flash memory via BlueTooth.


Please advise on how it would be possible to extend the capabilities and connecting an additional suite of components 

to accomplish that .


Thank You , Really appreciate it.




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There is an SD/FAT library (there's a topic on this forum about it). You can use such a solution to write data to an SD flash device (SD card or microSD chip).

If you would want to execute code from external flash memory you'd need to do some tricking; first copy a fixed executable block to RAM, make sure such code is compiled as PIC (position independent code; it only uses relative addresses). Then you can call the entry point of that function. This is a little tricky, in particular with the limited RAM in most MSP430 controllers.

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