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MSP430 RRoD Belt Buckle

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So I was at work, minding my own business .. not actually working but hanging out in the IRC channel. Shapr gave me a pretty good idea and I decided to work up a prototype.. though I probably took the idea a little further than I needed to.


Anything worth doing is worth overdoing! ha


Well my 'whim' project is a prototype for my MSP430 Red Ring of Death Belt Buckle.. The LED's on an xbox 360 daughter board clip into the front with a small light diffuser that I reused with the new board, it clipped right on.

IMG_20110426_212040-1.jpg (the old board)


the front button does work and thats what i'll use to go through the different programs and turn it off


and heres a quick vid of the new board


I'll be working up a 'finished product' that will just clip into an xbox360 front panel... it won't go into a working xbox but could be used as a wall decoration or something. I figure with the board, msp430, and the button each device will cost me around $10-15. i'm recycling the LED's from old boards, but that shouldn't push up the cost too much. I'll be putting in a run for these boards soon so if anyone is interested, let me know and I can work up a few more.


As I get the Eagle PCB's finished I'll post them up here and on my website


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Best thing to do is to start a post in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum with the title Group Interest or GI:

"[GI] RRoD MSP430 Belt buckle or something like that"

and make people add themselves to a running list. After a month, if you have a number you are comfortable with, you can fab the PBS.


Also be clear on what you would provide feature wise and firmware wise. I can give you exposure via the Blog.



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