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Der EE DE-5000 (a TRUE LCR meter) for $82 shipped (USA) incl options

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Just a heads up, I usually don't link to ebay sales but this one is too good. The following seller on ebay is selling the Der EE DE-5000 for $82 shipped to the USA. This is a STEAL of a deal (about $30 cheaper than usual when you factor in the options that are included), several people have ordered and received it as described. It includes the optional SMD tweezers, optional short aligator leads and optional guard lead. For those that don't know, Der EE is the OEM for the IET Labs DE-5000. This is a true LCR meter which measures a variety of funcitons in a controlled manner. It can measure at DC/100Hz/120Hz/1kHz/10kHz/100kHz. This is a big deal (especially the 100kHz) as you get very controlled and accurate values. Many budget meters either only use a single frequency (or worse a variable frequency). The meter has true four wire measurements, for much more accurate readings.


You can measure the Dissipation factor, Q, phase angle, ESR, serial or parallel capacitance, serial or parallel resistance, serial or parallel inductance. You can also automatically "bin" based on specified variances down to 0.2%, this can be very useful when you need matched parts for an applicaiton.


If you need/want a real LCR (or ESR meter) and not one of those toys. This is BY FAR the best deal out there right now. The next step up in performance will cost you easily 5-10 times more.


Manual with accuracy specs:





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I am happy to say that my unit came today.


This is one of those tools that you never realize you need until you get one and start using it.


It's still a good deal at $105. Check out the competition on ebay and you will see that they go for a lot more than that.

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