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UECIDE coming out of beta soon

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I have been working for the past few years on a project called UECIDE.  It's a new IDE that is intended to be a single environment for programming a whole gamut of different development boards.


It was originally based on MPIDE, which was originally itself based on Arduino 0023, but there's only about 100 lines of the original code left there now.  Everything else has been completely re-written.


Anyway, it has for some time now had Launchpad and Stellaris supoort in it - at least it's meant to.  However, I am only one man, and I only have an original Launchpad and a Stellaris LM4F board - none of the other boards / chips to play with.


So, I was looking for people willing to have a play (with the latest beta version) and see what could do with improving / tweaking / rewriting to better support these boards.


To whet your appetite, this is what the latest beta looks like:




The download is here: http://uecide.org/download'>http://uecide.org/download with the beta version listed at the bottom of the page.


So if you could give it a bit of a hammer and let me know what you think of it that'd be fantastic.


By the way, the MSP430 / LM4F support is taken direct from your github repository by a set of build scripts, so should be as up to date as I remember to run the scripts ;)  The scripts are here if you want to see them: https://github.com/UECIDE/launchpad

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  • The whole compilation system is re-written. 
  • It caches compiled versions of libraries so it compiles lightningly quick. 
  • It has a proper syntax aware editor with code folding etc.
  • You get a pretty project tree. 
  • It has a plugin system for extending it.
  • There's a proper serial terminal instead of the horrible Arduino serial monitor text box. 
  • It properly recurses libraries so libraries that rely on other libraries don't need those dependencies included in the sketch.
  • You only have the tabs open for the files you want to work on at the time, not every single file in your whole project.
  • It's themeable with a selection of java Look-and-Feels.


I could go on...


Oh, and I have just this minute released a new version (0.8.6r) with some fixes to better support stellaris, so you should update if you have already downloaded version q.

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That would be nice, but would be a huge task.  The IDE has no real concept of any target devices, so the debugging would have to be written specially for each target family and debugging device.  It could be done as plugins, with a different plugin for each family that wants a debugger.

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