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MSP430F5529 & CC3000 mDNS with Energia

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I am using MSP430F5529 LP with CC3000 boosterpack, Energia v12.  My goal is to make the F5529LP device mdns discoverable so the mDNS Watch app can find it.


Using example sketch 'SimpleWebServer',  I have added below line after the wireless connection is established. But the mDNS Watch app can't find the F5529 device (the app can find other BonJour devices)



void loop() {

int ret=0;
ret=mdnsAdvertiser(1, "CC3000", 6);
Serial.println("MDNS Advertizing returning!");




I see that the mdnsAdvertiser call is returning -67 or 189. But it should return 1 or 0 right? Wondering if I am missing any driver/firmware setup. 

Also I tried Wireshark and used the display filter "dns and udp.port eq 5353" but Wireshark is not showing anything with the filter. 


Please suggest. 

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I replied to your post over at stelarisiti in the mDNS library thread.


Another problem might be that your Router isnt forwarding multicast pakets between LAN and WiFi, my former router had that bug, is was an Easybox803 router, now with my new Fritzbox everything is fine.


I don't know if the mDNSAvertiser bug returning bogus values is fixed in the last firmware, just ignore the returncode, i think the only moment it fails might be when all of the 4 ports the cc300 supports are in use or when it isnt connected to an access point.


best regards, Thorvard

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