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CCS + Grace + different build configurations

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Hi there,


I'm in the process of developing some wireless system. I want to have more than one transmitter - behaving just a little bit different from each other.

Using Code Composer Studio I've discovered the ability to have different "build configurations". I made three different "main.c" files:






In build config 1 the second and third are excluded from build. In build config 2 the first and third are excluded... I think you get it.


Now my question:


To configure the peripherals I used Grace. Now I have a new idea where I need to change some of that Grace configuration in transmitter1 but not in the others.


Is there a possibility to make the Grace config dependent of the current build config?




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I like Grace - it's a real time saver when you jump to a device and want to get peripherals set up quickly. However, once it has done its work, you have C code that you can do what you like with. Why not take the relevant code that Grace has generated and move it to wherever suits you? This will mean a manual step if you run Grace again, but I find it's not something you need to do once you're done with the initial configuration work.


The other alternative is to put custom code in the Grace-generated files between the "your code goes here" comments. This may or may not be able to do what you need but it's worth considering.

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