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analogWrite bug with msp430g2553 in energia

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When I execute the code below, and check P2_1 and P2_2 on my scope, I see that both pins are 128, i.e, whichever analogWrite statement takes place the last, it overrides the one before. I am using launchpad v1.4


If I write 0 to one of the pins, it will work correctly.


void setup()
   pinMode(P2_1, OUTPUT); 
   pinMode(P2_2, OUTPUT);   
   analogWrite(P2_1, 32);
   analogWrite(P2_2, 128);  
unsigned long time;
void loop()
  time = millis();
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On the MSP430G2553 P2_1 and P2_2 are analog write capable. But they are both connected to TimerA1 CCR1, so if you use analogWrite on both, they will both deliver the same output. You need to change one of your pins to one that is on a different Timer or a Different CCR register.


Options include:

P1.2, P1.6 or P2.6 - all on Timer0, CCR1

P2.4 or P2.5 - on Timer1, CCR2


This is a common mistake with analogWrite on the MSP430G2 launchpad - although the device has 7 pins capable of PWM output, the way the timers are connected there are only 3 PWM channels.

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