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OSX Forcibly Restarts During Upload (Randomly)

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Hey All - pretty new here to Energia, but have run across an issue that I can't seem to troubleshoot.


I'm running the following:

  • OSX 10.9.4 with Energia 0101E0012
  • Stellaris Launchpad LM4F120H5QR

The first upload always works fine, but following uploads to the device will randomly restart OSX. No warning, just a momentary mouse freeze, black screen and system restart when the progress bar gets to 50%.


Serial Port is dev/tty.usbmodem0E102F71 (only option available). Bluetooth is turned off.


This has occurred with all different types of 'code' as well - from built in examples to things I wrote myself.


Thanks in advance for any advice any of you may have!





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