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Badge V2.0 discussion

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So I'm hoping to do another badge for next year - and I'd like to open it up to the 43oh community for suggestions.    I'd love to hear what ideas everyone else might come up with!


Background on the V1.0 Badge


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How about something that has RGB LEDs on it?


I think it should interact with other BadgeV2's somehow.


Or a remote server could trigger it to do light patterns and/or make noises.


You could turn a crowd of badge wearing people into a large game of Bingo!


In the absence of a server, the fallback activity could be user selectable LED patterns.


How many LEDs would it take to create a decent animation pallet?

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GwtS ears interact with each other, but I think they act as relays.


The way it could work is one badge (or a broadcast tx) could initiate sequence of colors and send message to other badges.

Other badges would take the message and pass it as is or tweak a little (color change.)

Messages would have to have IDs so that things don't spin out of control (messages could expire after n-th relay.)

If no messages are received for x minutes, a badge could initiate it's own sequence.


Something like that.

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If you're going RGB LED + some sort of wireless connection between badges, I think you need to be able to play a group game of Simon on them - one badge per color/button, push it when its your turn in the pattern. Probably would need something to play tones as well.


What about a wi-fi detector badge with leds for signal strength?

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It would be nice to have something that can continue to be useful even if don't have a bunch of them.

(Something that works in concert with others can be neat, but would be nice if it winds up as something useful,

rather than something that is cool for a little, then languishes in a box.)



Blink(1) clone (an RGB indicator light)

  Add capacitive touch button(s) or slider (as HID input).


  Adding bluetooth or wifi to that would increase coolness, making it a remote/wireless indicator light.  but probably out of budget.


Soil moisture detector - indicate when you need to water your plants.

  Solar powered for preference (though again that might exceed budget).

  Use capacitive sensing

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