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Hi Everyone!


Recently, I released a Bluetooth Low Energy BoosterPack based on the BLE112 module from Bluegiga. The full-featured BoosterPack is a bit expensive, but there are a few different options that can make the BoosterPack very reasonable. I wanted to create this post so that you guys can ask me any questions you may have about it.



Blank PCB: $10 - The BLE BoosterPack was designed with 0805 components and other easy to solder parts making it easy to hand assemble. For $10, you get a blank BoosterPack that can you assemble yourself. The layout and bill of materials (BOM) is available on GitHub. If you need help with finding a component on Mouser or Digikey, let me know.


BLE Only: $40 - This options contains all you need to use the BLE112 module with a LaunchPad. Additionally, the USB connector is included, allowing stand-alone use with your PC and USB firmware updates. This means that you don't need the CC Debugger to update the BLE112 firmware.


Complete with Linear Regulator: $50 - Rather than using a switching regular, this option uses a linear regulator to reduce cost. Other than using a different regulator, this is the full-featured BoosterPack.


Complete with Switching Regulator: $65 - If you care about maximizing your battery life, this is the board for you. Using the TI recommended switching regulator, this board can has unbeatable power consumption.


Check out the demo video for a bit more info.



While the full-featured board is a bit pricey, it does include all you need to make your project completely wireless: A BLE module, a lithium battery charging circuit, and low-power voltage regulator.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to comment here.


Thanks guys!


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@@NJC Looks nice and glad to see you back! Looks like alot of features cramped into it.


Please note that I've edited out your email address, one to prevent bot harvesting and two, to keep discussions here, so more members can benefit from it. The first sentence already has a link to your store, just in case. I think this is fair.

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@@bluehash Thanks! I wish I had more time to be active in the community. I am still using the MSP430 for almost all of my projects, especially the FRAM series. I've been a bit too busy with school to write about what I've been working on.


Thanks for editing the post! Good call.

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