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F550x Breakout Boards

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After my ThinkPad keyboard project, I had surplus stock of F5502 QFN-48 chips, also because Element14 is having them on sale, so I made some breakout boards for them. I can't remember where I got the inspiration for the port and pins numbering from but I'm sure it was on this forum a few years ago. It should fit on a small breadboard though I haven't tested it yet. The boards include a BSL button as well as SBW lines (RTVG for Reset, Test, VCC, GND lines).


Rev. 1



Boards (DirtyPCBs sent me 20 boards of the design on the left so no resonators)



Rev. 2 - Include resonator, crystal + caps on 1 PCB and layout of via holes moved so it won't interfere with the silkscreen, width of board reduced

Front, Back renders



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BTW: I have a handful of MSP430F5503's in the QFN48... 50 I think.  I'll sell the lot for $100 if you are interested.




Regarding DVCC, AVCC, do you know why there are so many capacitors between them? (Schematic from the page)


The best-practice here is to put a 100nF cap next to each Vcc pin to suppress voltage transients.  You can additionally put the 4.7uF cap near any one of the Vcc input pins.


Near AVcc, sometimes they like you to provide an additional capacitance for noise suppression.  It should be near the AVcc pin.

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