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msp430g2231 + Sd Card + 74HC595 Shift Register

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I think that you should figure out how to use the SPI port because that's how you talk to an SD card.


Google "SD card project" for inspiration. There's a lot of source material out there.


Off the top of my head, I would think that you'd connect the SD card to the MSP via the SPI bus. Then you'd have to learn how to read the SD card.


If you would like, we'll take a look at your code and hardware and offer helpful suggestions.

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A project I've linked to various times.


http://www.diylife.com/photos/msp430-au ... ut/770748/


DIYLife had a series of articles on programing a msp430 to play and record audio from a sd card.


TI has a code library for sd card reading that the project uses.


And with these bigger valueline chips, maybe a real fat system can be used. Just google attiny msdos for comparable ideas.

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to extend on what i want to do. i want to make something like this http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-build-a-Daft-Punk-Table-Replica/


i dont need to use 4 74hc595's, because it is a matrix i could just use a chip like the AS1100 http://www.austriamicrosystems.com/eng/Products/Lighting-Management/LED-Driver-ICs/AS1100


i want to be able to store the animation files on an sd card so i can store alot more.


i have a msp430 launchpad as well as the following microcontrollers: MSP430G2452, MSP430G2231, MSP430G2131, MSP430G2211.

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