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Some Misconceptions about Libraries

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I'm receiving many mails about the libraries I've developed and I'm sharing.


The libraries are plug-and-play as I'm using them in my projects. However, they are designed for a specific configuration. For example, a SD-card library requires a minimum of 512 bytes of RAM as this is the size of a sector. So it won't work on the MSP430G2553.


With so many LaunchPads, BoosterPacks and components possible combinations, the one-fits-all approach is just impossible. It would end with lengthy and hard to read code with many pre-processing statements. For example, changing the pins names for the pins numbers improves the portability of the library across the LaunchPad range of boards.


Even if the library works out of the box, they are provided as examples and require some work from the user. This is the best way for learning. The user should read and understand them, and then customise them so they can match his/her exact needs.


With new hardware and software releases coming out, a library may suffer from obsolescence. It used to work with a prior version but no longer works with the new one. For example, each new release of Energia or CCS adds new features and some times modifies others in order to ensure compatibility across the whole range.


Finally, feel free to improve and share back the libraries with the community :rolleyes:


This is a cross-post with Stellarisiti.

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I think it nice when cross-posting to provide a link to the cross-posted thread (so readers can easily find all the discussion on the mater),

and to designate which particular one of the threads is to be used for discussion and follow-up (a link from the not for discussion copy to the one where follow-up is intended is particularly helpful).  People may miss such designation, but nice to at least give them a hint how to keep the discussion easier to follow.



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Nice suggestion, although too time consuming.


I hope a better solution as merged forums is going to be implemented by the administrator.


IMHO the 43oh and Stellarisiti forums are redundant: one would suffice.

I'm open to suggestions, but please note the order in which the Launchpads were released and when Energia came into play. 43oh and Stellarisiti are on two different servers, with two different databases. And yes, I'm aware this is inconvenient, both from an admin standpoint as well as user experience.


The community forums will be undergoing a revamp in the next 8-9 months( time/resource/cash permitting), since the software will undergo an upgrade. Till then, it is my humble request to please bear the state of affairs as of now. I cannot do this alone and will be needing your help too.



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[ADMIN] - Changed timeline from 3-4 to 8-9 months. IPBoard 4 release delayed.
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