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Finally made it. I end up using an adapter board for the MSP430.




more pics...




I see you also stumbled on the reprogramming of the BSL. Glad you worked it all out in the end.


You could add some stand-offs to the corners of your board so you don't damage your point to point work.

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Soldered up a new board. Works like a charm, unfortunately I don't know actually have any target boards to use this with, as it's a different pinout.     Fuse is a 1206 footprint, but I ordered 0

I recently built my own ezFET lite based of the files that TI have made available.   Update 9/06: Works "kinda" as expected. Board disconnects from USB when a target board is attached and is bei

@@zeke I've added this to the silk on one of my new boards, Guess I'll see how it turns out.   Feels like there is too much free space in the clock.

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