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RandomElectrons LP10062

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Hi Guys,


It's been quite a while since I was really active on the board (dang work!) so I thought I would take some time to make something that I could contribute back to the community.


I put together something not really new. Well the idea isn't new but the implementation is new.


I designed a LaunchPad board and it's called the LP10062.


This preliminary design is based on the MSP430G2452 TSSOP.


It has the same connector pinout and spacing as the original Launchpad board so all the shields will (should) work on it although they may look goofy.


I decided to use the Sick of Beige 100mm x 62mm PCB shape since it is pleasing to the eye and acrylic "cases" can be obtained from SeeedStudio super cheap. This will let you permanently mount the board if you want.


My motivation for designing this board is practical as well as aesthetics. I believe we can have beautiful looking boards THAT HAVE MOUNTING HOLES!


Additionally, this board has a USB-Serial UART on it. It will provide power to the board as well as give you a way to talk to the MSP430.


My preliminary investigation tells me that the BOOSTXL-BATTPACK should power this board without difficulty. Again, it will look goofy but that can be remedied in the future by redesigning the battery pack layout.


I still have to design a decent power supply and I can't make up my mind on the topology just yet. So the board isn't fully routed just yet. I think it's too late in the day or something. I would like this thing to accept 12V DC and not give a care about which pin is +ve or -ve. You won't be able to blow it up by accidentally reversing the polarity.


I have attached a preliminary pdf schematic and a screen capture of the PCB. 


Yeah, I realize that the MSP430G2452 looks tiny on this PCB but it is my intention is to use this as a launching point [nyuck nyuck nyuck ;-) ] for a couple more LaunchPad designs that have more powerful MCU's on them i.e.: bigger MSP430 or a TIVA processor. I wanted to start small and work my way up in complexity.


Until that time, I invite your feedback on this design. 


What do you think?




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@@zeke Nice to see new designs come up.

I agree with Fred... if that space could be used for something. Another note is 40 pin BP support. I'm thing all BPs might start moving towards the 40 pin... Maybe just add the dummy rows but route power and gnd through the necessary pins.

The only other thing lacking is a debugger.

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@Fred: The prototyping area is a great idea. I just don't know if there will be enough room once I put the power supply into the design. It's missing at the moment. But LED's are a MUST ADD feature. So are some general purpose momentary switches.


@bluehash: I will look into the debugger feature. I considered it too complex to add. If TI were to assist in this adventure then maybe I could justify the extra design time. I am thinking this way because I am designing this board to be assemble-able by an old guy like me. What I mean is that I picked 0805 sized parts so that the board could be easily soldered together at home. The debugger feature would insist on smaller parts in the design.


@solipso: Yes! You are thinking like me. The only difference is that I will be designing other versions of this board that have the most desirable MSP430's on them. I like your suggestion because I discover which MSP's people consider desirable! The F2274 is a very beefy processor. Another one I was considering is the MSP430F5529. If I use the 5529 then I can dump the CP2102 USB-UART and use the USB port on the MSP.


Thanks Guys! Please keep posting your ideas!

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@bluehash: The 40 Pin BP format is next on the design list. In fact, it is a must since most beefy MSP's have more I/O capabilities than the 20 Pin format can handle.


Right now, I have just the Spy-Bi-Wire programming interface on the board. Do you think that I really need to put the TI style debugger into the design?

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Alrighty then...


I have been bashing on this project today and this is what I have.


I added in a power supply and gave the board the ability to switch between USB power and on-board power using 0.100" jumpers.


I have deferred until later checking to see how this arrangement will interact with the BOOSTXL-BATTPACK. I have made the assumption that if you have the battery stacked onto this then you do not have the external power plugged in. 


There is a 4 pin Spy-Bi-Wire port so you can debug and program the MSP using an original LP.


I held off on the LEDs because I have another plan for GPIOs. I'll show you shortly.


How does it look?



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This is what the Field of Holes daughter board looks like.


It has the standard 40 pin booster pack spacing.


All the holes are 0.100" spaced.


Just add some standoffs and your boards will nicely attached together.


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Personally, I think you should look at this like it could be a game controller, where the BP headers are oriented parallel to the short sides instead of the long. Imagine 8 position joysticks left and right of the capsense BP or something like an NES controller. F5529 could even enumerate as an HID and expose those to the computer.


like this (not to scale):
|0                     [PWR / USB / SBW on bottom]                      0|
|                                                                        |
|                    oo                           oo                     |
|                    oo       +----------+        oo                     |
|                    oo       | MSP  430 |        oo                     |
|                    oo       |          |        oo                     |
|                    oo       |   goes   |        oo                     |
|                    oo       |          |        oo                     |
|         x          oo       |   here   |        oo         x           |
|         |          oo       |          |        oo         |           |
|      x--+--x       oo       +----------+        oo      x--+--x        |
|         |          oo                           oo         |           |
|         x                                                  x           |
|0                                                                      0|
Just a thought.
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