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Open source wireless dev system

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Well I thought I'd shamelessly post my MSP430 project here and see what people think of it ( I asked the mods first :)   Anyway it's a two part CC430 system with an access point and wireless endpoint.   The AP runs a small ethernet webserver that takes variables, and commands from a browser or an iphone app, and sends them to it's endpoints.   Then you can activate the endpoint's, relay, leds, or read it's opto isolator input, or A2D channels.  I made a indiegogo for it here to see if I can get it FCC certed https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/konexs-wireless-development-kit/x/7274449  Even if that doesn't work out it was still fun to work on :)   Thanks for checking it out!



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In the US I'd say about $10k for testing, filing, etc to get an FCC ID, it's less if you're only doing FCC class B instead of an intentional radiator.   It's around $2500 in China, although to be fair I haven't tried that yet but we do other testing there and the prices are definitely lower.


Of course that's if things go well, if they go wrong :)   Well chamber time is by the day...

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I came across this interesting Indiegogo project https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/vocore-a-coin-sized-linux-computer-with-wifi/x/4207492#home from a developer in China. 

He originally assumed that FCC certification would be too expensive and was not planning on it for his project.  But then found it was not too bad.  His English is a bit broken but here is his comment.



I contacted with a company in ShenZhen, they said it will cost totally 1000USD to finish that test. 60USD for regist to FCC, some paper from TCB is 420USD, rest is for their test. I was afraid that if first test failed, I have to pay another 1000USD for second test, but it is not working that way. 

Thank you for so many contributors, FCC is not that expensive for now. :)

I plan to make about 300piece next two weeks(for PCB / SMT), then do the FCC.

I am first time on such FCC/CE, just hope everything moves smoothly. 

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