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MSP430FR5969 Launchpad & OS X

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I'm trying to program my MSP430FR5969 Launchpad from OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 and am having some trouble. All the instructions that I can find are rather old, so I don't know if Mavericks is the problem, or if this USB driver I'm using doesn't support the 5969, or what. When I run 

mspdebug rf2500

I get the following output:

usbutil: unable to find a device matching 0451:f432

The following appears in Console after attaching my Launchpad:

5/23/14 6:57:35.000 PM kernel[0]: MSP430LPCDC : Quiting : Not Launchpad

Does anyone have a suggestion on what I could do to make this work? Is Linux development more stable? I could just run a VM, though I'd greatly prefer to avoid Windows.

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Thanks for the tip! I had to run 

mspdebug --allow-fw-update tilib

3 times (getting a different error each time) before it worked, but it eventually came though.

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