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Controlling a RC Car w/ Bluetooth Connection & Speech Recognition

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Hello people, it's my first project in this forum so, yeah, it's kind of a big step for me  ^_^


In this project I would give my special thanks to cubeberg for referencing from his project and for his helps, appreciated  :smile:


It's actually my semester project for Microprocessor Systems class, and the application I will indicate includes my university symbol and my name in it, sorry about that :rolleyes:



  • RC Car with forward, backward, left, right functions, about 9 $. 
  • HC-06 Bluetooth module, about 12 $
  • MSP430G2553 LaunchPad


What it does is; I






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Thanks guys !

Next thing I will try to improve is adding a slider bar to the app, which will control the outputs' PWM. But first, my finals should end :)

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