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Heap / Stack pointer

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This may work for getting the stack pointer...


unsigned * get_sp(void) { unsigned n; return &n; }


Egads. Yes, I suppose it may work.


The standard "intrinsic" in CCS is _get_SP_register() and msp430-elf-gcc should provide the same. mspgcc provides __read_stack_register() (it might not have the alias, in which case energia should probably add it).


Any toolchain should have something that does this for you without having to introduce undefined behavior.

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Sorry, can't post the sketch, im using the webduino webserver.h library which is using string.h and streaming.h, i suspect the problem is somewhere deep in there. Im also using fatfs, adafruits cc300_mdns, rtclib, WiFi and WiFiUDP libraries.

The sketch worked well until i added the fatfs wrapper, had to use soft spi for the fatfs because somehow a second hardware spi crashes the cc3000.

The extra memory the fatfs uses seem to make the webduino code unstable. i suspect the heap is hitting the stack and then the code crashes somewhere in webserver.h.

I've read the CCS6 beta can import energia sketches, i should give it a try.

Sorry i can't get more specific or post a sketch, i'm working on a device i plan to get patented, but this is quite complicated and expensive.


Oh i nearly forgot, im using the Tiva-C Launchpad + CC3000 Booster pack + SD Card breakoutboard from ITead Studio.


regards, Thorvard

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