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This project was a collaboration with Texas Instruments.  I've kept it hush-hush so far, but as of yesterday - it's finally out in the wild!  Yesterday at the SF Maker Faire, Texas Instruments started giving away boards at their booth.  If you're visiting the Maker Faire today - please drop by booth 220!


Thanks a ton to TI for sponsoring and feedback on the design.  Will Cooper, Adrian Fernandez, Mark Easley, Dung Dang and Rachel Platis were all involved - this wouldn't have happened without them.

Also - Elecrow did a wonderful job on the boards and initial kitting (I added the batteries and MCU once back in the US).  


Badge page on 43oh - http://43oh.com/badge/  (drop by this page for more info and an intro video).

Github with schematics, sample code, etc. : https://github.com/dd430/430RocketBadge


The board is intended to be easy to solder - parts were kept to a minimum.  It showcases several features of the MSP430G line.  The board has a Cap Touch slider as well as 5 LEDs.  The pre-programmed demo starts in a POV mode.  If you swing the badge in a circle, you'll see the pre-programmed messages written in the air.  My favorite part of the project though - has to be the ability to update the message on the badge via the light sensors on the board.  You may have seen similar projects.  One sensor is used for the clock, another for the data.  A simple web page allows design of a message and then uses two squares on the page to trigger high/low values on the light sensors.  You can find it at the 43oh badge page above.


All in all - we were able to get 500 kits created.  Hopefully these will be given away at events that TI is attending for quite a while.  I'll post back if I hear they're going to show up for an event.  Hopefully we'll also have a few to give away to forum members as well.  


BTW - I will say - creating 500 kits of something is a significantly different endeavor than just a handful :)


Boards after manufacture:



500 kits arrived at my house:



I started with several ideas for the board initially - but we ultimately ended with the POV design.  V1 of the design used a shift register to control the LEDs and took significantly longer to solder.  Not the best for a beginner kit :)  Not to mention getting the clock working with the shift register was a bit squirly for some reason.


V1 badge vs V2



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It looks great!  Somehow, one of us is going to need to get a good video of the persistence-of-vision display in action.  Maybe someone here knows how to get good video of this sort of thing, but I certainly do not.


Indeed, this isn't easy. I made a little POV project some time ago (shamed to admit, with an ATtiny85 :smile: ) and it took plenty of videos until I got something passable. It's about lowering the framerate (if the camera allows) and having as much exposure as possible for each frame. Here's the result, BTW.


Awesome job, @@cubeberg! It looks fantastic.

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So can you copy message from one badge to another?  (Use the LEDs to transfer message.)

@@igor - right now the badge only supports messages from a computer screen to the badge (available on 43oh.com/badge).  That's an interesting idea though - it wouldn't be very complicated to do - the top and bottom LEDs line up fairly decently with the light sensors if the badges were held correctly.

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