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Problem with DHT22

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I can not get the DHT22 libray to work with my devices(I have two of them). I am just learning C but I think it is a timing issue with my devices. This is what I get when I run test sketch from the libary.


debug     bits received     35
debug     42, 0, 1D, 5F, 4 =? BE
debug      checksum     NO
debug     RH%     16896
debug     oC     7519
Failed to read from DHT




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I was able to get  the sensor to work but I had to edit the .cpp file where it pulled the data pin low for 20ms to start the data transfer. I changed it to 2 ms. I know that is not what the data sheet says but that is what worked.


 pinMode(_pin, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(_pin, LOW);
  delay(2);//changeg from 20ms

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