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Are USB and I2C ports compatible?

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I'm in the middle of a project using the f5529 launchpad and Energia.  I'm trying to use both the USB and the I2C port at the same time.  I can initialize the USB and see it enumerate in the windows device manager and I can read/write to it and it works properly.  But as soon as I try to enable the I2C port using the USCI_B1 the USB dies and can no longer be read or written to. 


The example codes in Energia work for both the USB examples and for the TMP006 example, so the harware is OK.  But trying to get them both to play at the same time is a nogo.


What am I missing?


#include <USBSerial.h>
#include "tmp006.h"
#define USE_USCI_B1

USBSerial mySerial(1); // USB
tmp006 tmp006;

void setup()
  // open the USBSerial port

  // Setup the temperature sensors
  //The following line is killing the USB port
  tmp006.begin(FOUR_SAMPLES);    // Takes 4 averaged samples for measurement

void loop()

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OK, Responding to my own question :-)


The MSP430-USB com port does eventually start working, it takes about 40 seconds to start.

Why this is so is still a mystery.


This is pretty unacceptable behavior for a system to have.


Anyone have any ideas?




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