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cutting launchpad for standalone programmer *helpful hint*

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hey guys I decided to cut down a launchpad to send just the programmer piece to a customer to load a program into a product with.  and i was getting annoyed that the cutboard refused to talk to or download to a processor, while a full launchpad worked just fine.  I knew you could cut the board at the dotted line, so i was frustrated.


after some research it turns out the communication trace going to the RST (and maybe the TST) one as well actually is routed down between the two rows of pins on the 10 pin jtag header between the two sides of the launchpad board...  if you follow the dotted line all the way through and bisect that header, you end up cutting the communications line.  so i soldered some replacement lines in and poof it works fine...


so just a note if you want to cut a launchpad down, cut on the far side of the header retaining all 10 pins, or atleast through the pin holes on the bottom.  Don't follow the dotted line, to make sure you retain the programming lines...


just thought I would share


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