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Hi everyone,

My name is Juan Beroy from John Brown Univeristy and this is my final project for my embedded systems class.

The objective of this project, the Digital Thermographic Camera, is to demonstrate the usage of the Texas Instruments MSP430 G2553 microcontroller to control the various parts of the project. The project consists of two servo motors, a set of DC batteries, a MLX90614ESF-BCI-000-TU infrared sensor, as well as a RS-232 serial connection to establish connection with the computer. The signals used to control the servo motors are sent using two different pins of the microcontroller. At the same time, the Inter Integrated Circuit (I2C) synchronous communication mode was used to read the data (temperature measurements) coming from the infrared sensor.

Attached is a table summarizing the main conmponenents of this project as well as their purposes. If you need more info please contact me.


Projects parts table.pdf

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