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I guess I'll benchmark it when I get the parts, then. It will just sample a signal on the ADC converter and log the result. Would like to sample up to 20kHz continuously. We'll give it a try, any suggestions would be helpful.

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Just a note: It is probably best to log samples to RAM, and then batch write them to the SD card.  The 5-series parts have more RAM, and they also have DMA, so they would be better if you are really trying to blast ADC readings into the SD card.  A good CM0/CM3 with DMA-backed ADC and SPI will be able to run much harder still, maybe even 1MSps, but for 20kSps you can *definitely* achieve this with a 5-series, and even have plenty of CPU time available for other things should you need them.  


43Oh used to have a USB MSP430F5510 board that mated with booster-pack pinouts.  I would check if this is still available.  That would be my best bet.

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