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Temperature range: MSP-EXP430F5529LP ?

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I'm not having a lot of luck with Google finding the TI specifications for the temperature range of either this board, EXP430F5529LP, the MSP-EXP430G2, or other MSP430 based, LaunchPad boards. Trying to use a search term with "temperature" brings a lot of hits about how to read the internal temperature thermistor but nothing showing the hardware temperature range (been there, done this: http://hiwaay.net/~bzwilson/temp_recorder/.)


My application is automotive but with attention to packaging, I can probably handle 85C without 'going nuts.' Key requirements:

  • low power - it is a battery monitor and we don't need any additional, parasitic loads

I've been looking at the Arduino but it has pretty sad overhead. I've tested some of the Arduino low-power modes but am not impressed. Worse, I get the impression they don't really have a broad temperature range but this has not been tested, yet. There is an Arduino hack that uses an external circuit to disconnect the Arduino to reduce the overhead but YECK!


My application needs to monitor the battery voltage using the slowest, lowest power mode possible. When a change occurs, wake-up to record and track the changes. Operating at the lowest possible voltage also solves another technical issue so we can track individual cell performance in the battery.


I was impressed with the EZ430-F2013 as the daughter board easily handled 100C but the USB stick did not survive the 'live steam' test. But I'd rather not have to deal with the inventory issue of a USB stick.


Any help?



Bob Wilson


ps. My last MSP430 project was a Prius thermistor hack to shorten warm-up:


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Not sure if the Hercules Launchpad was made for harsh environments. The chip is made for automotive environments. You could look into that.

True, the TMS570 edition in particular is designed for automotive environments.  I'm fairly certain its power regulator onboard is designed for similar environments, just not sure if the XDS100v2 JTAG emulator on board is too.

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Without having investigated the details for the board myself, I can make a few suggestions:


Check the temp range for each critical IC on the corresponding data sheet. Don't worry about those that are not active in service.


Look at the LP spec for the board and identify the relevant components and check their temp ranges. For the EXP430G2, there is pretty much nothing that can't be isolated during run. THis means only the MSP430 and the substrate matter, which should be fine to 85degC operating. Others may vary.


Most substrates and components are ok to at least 125, often 150, deg C without power (storage) and 85 deg C operating. There are exceptions, but they are rare in monolithic devices. I might have concern in an electrolytic cap.



My guess would be that you are fine up to 85degC operating, and at least 100 degC unpowered. The G-series are only rated to 85degC. There are other lines that have devices that support all temp ranges

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