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[Energia Library] RTC_A

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Hi everyone,


I built a library to drive RTC_A feature of some MSP430/CC430.


It's available here : https://github.com/battosai30/RTC_A


Feel free to test and comment :)


Remark : I haven't tested part about counter mode and I will upload an example soon, but it's very simple to use. Tested calendar mode on my eZ430 chronos and everything seems to go well.

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Hello dear,

                       I started working on MSP430F5529 .I was using Internal RTC .I saw above library But It is not Working Fine .Can you help me out. Error below:


C:\Users\Balwinder\Documents\Energia\libraries\RTC_A-master\RTC_A.cpp:260:27: error: 'RTC_A_VECTOR' was not declared in this scope

C:\Users\Balwinder\Documents\Energia\libraries\RTC_A-master\RTC_A.cpp: In function 'void RTC_int()':

C:\Users\Balwinder\Documents\Energia\libraries\RTC_A-master\RTC_A.cpp:261:6: error: interrupt vector offset must be an even non-negative integer constant


Thanks in advance





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