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Capacitive Touch Booster Pack for the Launchpad $4.30

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El Easter Bunny-o was a little late-o.

My Capacitive Touch BoosterPacks arrived today via FedEx from Ft Worth

around 1 pm CDT. Guess I need to get Ye Olde Soldering Irone cranked up

to install some MALE headers on my LPs.

Mine got delivered today too. But I'm not at home until the weekend, so I don't get to check them out for a while.


I do have a plan for it though :)

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Though, they're shipping via Shenkers, a courier I've never heard of before. And their tracking system is down. :(


They shipped my Launchpad via Shenkers and it took maybe a week. The weird thing is that their site said it was being shipped to my address and apparently it went to someone else over in Dallas who finished the shipping to me. I put my order in for the Booster Pack, too. Not sure what to do with it, but it looks like fun!

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