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I2C acting weird MSP430G2553

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I'v been trying to hook up a MPR121 capacitive touch sensor to the MSP430G2553 via I2C. I have encountered a problem.


This is the code for a transmission:

   Wire.beginTransmission(0x5C); //0b1011100
   Wire.write(0x5D); //0b01011101
   Wire.requestFrom(0x5C,1, true); 

This is how it should look ( in my opinion ):

START 1011100 0 0 01011101 0 START 1011100 1 0 SENSORDATA 1 STOP

However this is how it looks in reality:

START 1011100 0  0  01011110 0 START 1011100 0 0 START 1011100 1  0 00000000 1 STOP

Why are there 3 START's instead of 2? What kind of a packet is it after the second start?

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The MPR121 generates two interrupts, one for press and the 2nd for release. You'll need your code setup to handle both or it gets screwy.


EDIT: Since you are using Energia.  Maybe try the Arduino library for the MPR121? http://bildr.org/2011/05/mpr121_arduino/


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