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Hello all together,


I am a new owner of the MSP430 launchpad. Like so many, I started Microcontroller with Arduino, I was playing around up to now with ATTinys and Megas. The MSP430 is interessting for me because of the low power functions. I want to work with CCS6 on a Linux Mint. Right now, my first project with the MSP430 will be a brainmachine, only to learn the handling of the chip. That will be challenging, because i will need three different frequencies, and  I want to achive this with the MSP430G2552 that has only 2 Timers.







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Welcome! I was in the same boat, an Arduino user messing with ATmegas. I got an MSP430G2 launchpad as an order stuffer from Mouser and almost signed it off 'cause I couldn't figure out how to make it work on MacOSX... then found a tutorial and when I gave it a closer look found the clocking and interrupt handling quite interesting, and kept playing. Never looked back since.


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