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Fuel injection / ignition controller 'booster pack'

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Everyone knows my obsession with building an ECU for my motorcycle. I think I'm far enough along with it, so here's where I'm at. It's based on the 40 pin BP headers and I believe should be compatible with the F5529 and TM4C123 LP's and maybe more. I still have to code for it but that will come when I'm satisfied with the hardware. The BP will sit on top of this board with its USB plug facing away from the 25 pin plug, and has the I2C and SPI ports left unused which would provide for a display, data logging or other devices to interface with it. Eagle files attached as well.




4 low-impedance / peak-and-hold injector drivers based on LM1949 driver chips, 4 logic level outputs suitable for triggering GM/Delphi LS-type coils (LS1, LS2, D514A, et cetera) or external circuitry, samples manifold pressure, throttle position, and intake air and coolant temperature sensors as well as battery voltage for injector duration compensation and the 5v sensor rail and two additional 'extra' analog inputs. There may be some layout revisions which might possibly lead to more outputs for user-defined externals.



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Pin assignments (Energia Pin, F5529 pin, Tiva-C pin, function):



3, P3.4, PB0, Injector 4

4, P3.3, PB1, Injector 3

29, P3.6, PE3, Ignition 4

30, P3.5, PF1, Ignition 3

31, P8.2, PF4, Ignition 2

32, P3.7, PD7, Ignition 1

35, P1.2, PC6, Cam trigger signal

36, P1.3, PC5, Crank trigger signal

39, P2.4, PF3, Injector 1 (also GREEN_LED on TIVA-C LP)

40, P2.5, PF2, Injector 2 (also BLUE_LED on TIVA-C LP)



2, P6.5, PB5, 5V EXTERNAL reference (voltage out to sensors)

6, P6.6, PE5, Future sensor F1

23, P6.0, PD0, Battery voltage (through voltage divider and Zener clamp)

24, P6.1, PD1, Throttle Position Sensor

25, P6.2, PD2, Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor

26, P6.3, PD3, Future sensor F2

27, P6.4, PE1, Coolant temperature sensor

28, P7.0, PE2, Intake Air Temperature sensor

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I think, for the time being, injectors and ignition coils 3 & 4 will not be included in functionality.

The system should provide sufficient current to operate one low impedance injector or two high-impedance injectors on each circuit.

Similarly, the should be no issue firing two additional ignition coils if the coils are logic-level triggered and wasted spark is acceptable.

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