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Question about low power mode

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@@pdrift the reason you are seeing the behaviour you are getting is because the timers still run in lpm1, consequently when Energia's background timer triggers it wakes the processor up. The timer that Energia uses is disabled in LPM3 & LPM4. If you use either of those, the processor will go to sleep with nothing to wake it, so will blink once before going to sleep as you intended.



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@grahamf72   thanks for the info. I'm not really sure but for LPM3, do I need to solder the rtc crystal to the launchpad?

You don't have to, but it improves the accuracy; a crystal gives the MSP430 a *stable* 32.768KHz reference for running its ACLK, which LPM3 uses as its timer source.  Without it, you revert to the built-in VLOCLK, which is ~11-12KHz and can swing +/- 30% with temperature/voltage/phase of the moon/etc.


Depends on how accurate you need it to be.

Also definitely look at @@energia 's code above, he's making it easy for us to use this!

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