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Raffle - confusing participation message for guests

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One thing that bothers me a little about the giveaways is the way the raffle participation message is worded.

When I connect to 43oh.com it says 


"Hi, guest ,You are welcome to participate in our giveaway!"

and then there is a link to the giveaway,


but when you click the link you get a screen that again says you are welcome to participate, but with a button on the right that is gray saying "You can't participate!"


Bit of a mixed message there.  (Even an exclamation point to drive the message home.)


It might be friendlier to change that "You can't participate!" button to say something like.


Sign in to participate


Create an account to participate


Or in some other way indicate that guests are in fact welcome to participate, they just need to go through a few more steps in order to do so.


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