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Problem with UART and Bluetooth module

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I'm trying to communicate an MSP430 to my laptop through a KC-21 module. Below is a capture of the data with the msp430 using a 115200 baudrate.




As you can see it has some issues. I tested a few things:

Sending data with the msp430 at 115200 and an FT232 => THIS WORKS OK

Sending data from the computer through the FT232 to the BT module and back to the PC, all at 115200 => THIS WORKS OK

Sending data with the msp430 at 9600 and the BT module => THIS WORKS OK


So it seems that the problem is isolated to the MCU working at 115200 with the module.

I had problems in the past with BT modules, the problem was an inprecise baudrate. Could this be the case? The baudrate slowly drift and eventually is bad enough to confuse the module. How do you think I could test to find out if that the case? How do you think I could fix it?


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@@juani_c Can you go to a lower baud rate ..9600? and test.


Also, please upload your pic to your post(no external images allowed). :) Thanks.

Yes, 9600 worked OK.

19200 showed some spikes, but much less than the picture (thats spikes are just the way the graphic software interprets the wrong data). For a few moments in one of my many test it worked OK with 115200. I just have to find out what I did different... 

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