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How to define a pin in Code composer studio

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I'm total newbie and i have my first problem: 

I try define a pin in my launchpad with msp430g2553 but i don't get it.


In IAR i know this:

#define LCD_4   P1OUT_bit.P1OUT_0


But in code composer don't work and i think it's because i don't use io430.h  because there isn't in CCS. I use the msp430.h library.


can somebody tell me pleaso how can i define the pin in CCS?



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Hi @@morelius21,


CCS doesn't really use the PxOUTbit.PxOUT format - I actually do not see many people use this format even with IAR because I think it is a bit inefficient if you want to set up a whole port at once.


Instead I usually do something like this:

P1OUT |= BIT0; //to set the bit


P1OUT &= ~BIT0; //to clear the bit

If I want to make a mnemonic to make this easier to read what pins go with what functions on my board, I would do something like this:

#define LCD_OUT   P1OUT
#define LCD_4     BIT0

Then you can use statements like these, which will evaluate the same as the code I put before:

LCD_OUT |= LCD_4; //set the bit
LCD_OUT &= ~LCD_4; //clear the bit

What's nice about using these kind of operations is that you can set or clear multiple bits at once too:

#define LCD_OUT   P1OUT
#define LCD_4     BIT0
#define LCD_5     BIT1
LCD_OUT |= LCD_4 + LCD_5;
LCD_OUT &= ~(LCD_4 + LCD_5);

There are a whole bunch of other ways you can do this too - it's all personal preference really.

Hope this gives you some ideas!




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