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A C++ wrapper for MPS430?

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I may be trying to bring a foreign way of thinking into an area where perhaps there is no need for it, instead of rewiring my brain to adapt to the new field. Having said that, I can't be alone.. there have to be other Java transplants and such, trying to shorten their learning curve in the microcontroller world, even at a little run-time overhead, which some applications (like mine) should be able to afford.


It would help me enormously if there was a high-level, OO library that would abstract away much of the complexities of MSP430, "making simple things easy and complex things possible". I would love to see a Timer class, a LowPowerMode class, a Port class, a Pin class, an Interrupt class, etc.


How expensive would that be? My guess is, perhaps not very expensive, with methods inlined and then optimized away by a compiler.  


Is it doable? Has it been done? Is there a need for it?


Energia seems to be one such library, and I love it. Though Energia appears to be 1) more than a run-time library, 2)  so portable it does not seem to provide integrated fine-grained control over MSP430-specific features (which does not appear to be a big problem due to its ease of integration with custom C/asm code).

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Here is something that might be more up your alley - Python for Microcontrollers, not sure how much pythonic OO it actually does:




Frankly, I rather enjoy the extreme simplicity of fiddling with bits.  I do all my 430 programming in assembly.  It's comforting in a way....


Welcome aboard!

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@@Rickta59 has a C++ wrapper that's discussed here.


Cortex-M is a much more orthogonal architecture, even across vendors, so if I were to do a C++ peripheral abstraction approach I'd target it. My in-development Cortex-M work will support C++ but my initial attempts at abstraction suggest the language is not quite ready for how I want to use it (at a minimum C++14's extensions to constexpr will be necessary for high performance).

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