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Interfacing Energia and OpenMSP430

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Hi ,


I am using http://opencores.org/project,openmsp430 (MSP430 clone written in verilog) for my studies .  And i was using Energia (with LaunchPad) for quite some time . Now i wish to arrange a marriage between the two - Energia and OpenMSP430 .


  • Is  anyone has attempted it before ?
  • Is it the manual for the  Upload.protocol - rf2500 , tilib , is available ? so that a bootloader for OpenMSP430 can be designed.




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I have only very little experience with energia at the time but more with Arduino. I guess there are many similarities between them.


Under Arduino and an AVR SOC in FPGA, I make the job by renaming avrdude (the software in charge of downloading elf file in the board) and making an avrdude.sh witch call data2mem and djtgcfg if detecting FPGA core and normal avrdude if not. That means I have to add a new board named FPGAsomeThing.


FYI I will probably attempt to solve your problem during year 2015 because I will probably switch from AVR to MSP for a Laboratory teaching


Good luck

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In a standard development, how would you program and debug a openmsp430 instance? I think that the task has more to do with the programming and debug interface than the cpu core. In theory if openmsp430 is instruction set compatible and has the same peripherals and register sets. Compiling code in Energia should be straight forward. Getting it into the processor and running is another story...

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