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Struggling with configuring CCS to step over interrupts etc.

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Sorry for a newbie question. I am trying to make CCSv6 to work for me in debug mode.


What I need is 


1) most important/urgent: configure it to step over interrupts without disabling them 


2) disable all optimizations in compiler


3) have full call stack: e.g. if a() calls b() and then interrupted by c_isr(), I'd like to see all three in my stack (either that, or at least I need some way to stop out of an interrupt via StepReturn or some other way that actually suspends execution after return.


4) to get printf() to work. I see people on the 'net have made it work in other versions. Mine just wants me to define putchar().


5) I'd like to evaluate a char* in a user-friendly format, i.e. as a string, with all its characters in one line



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Clarification. When I am step-returning from an interrupt (Energia's USCIA1_ISR()) I get the following error:


MSP430: Trouble Setting Breakpoint with the Action "Continue or Finish Stepping" at 0xe000b:

Address is past the end of memory


What could be the cause of this?

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