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43oh Welcomes Merifix Electronics As An Official Forum Sponsor

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43oh is excited to welcome Merifix Electronics as an official forum sponsor. They make cool test fixture rigs, including one for the MSP-FET430UIF. You will see their ad in the forum sidebar. Their direct store link is http://store.merifix.com


Merifix supplies simple, high quality electronic test fixture kits. Very low cost allows their use where fixtures are traditionally too expensive such as Research and Development, Engineering and Low-volume Production. Uses include debugging, programming, verification and test of printed circuit board assemblies. Supplied "flat-packed" for end-user assembly; no special tools or experience required.




If you are an embedded systems developer or automation engineer involved in programming test rigs, give them a call. You can ask a question here, and they will be glad to answer it right away.


Welcome, once again!

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Hi all, there are lots of interesting things going on here and we are pleased to help support the forum.


A bit about us: we supply test fixtures for testing and programming printed circuit board assemblies. They are aimed at engineering development labs and low-volume production. There are plenty of other companies supplying test fixtures of this type of course, but they are typically designed for high-volume production use and have correspondingly high prices. Merifix grew out of a desire for something low-cost enough that you could use it in engineering; for debugging, programming and testing prototypes and pre-production runs. Traditional fixtures are too expensive for this role and so engineers typically make do with ad-hoc lash-ups. That can work for one prototype (although lash-ups can be frustratingly unreliable), but does not easily scale when you need to test or program (or re-program :biggrin:) more than one.


So we developed a system that is inexpensive and quick to put together, so that you can consider using it in development, and robust enough that you can transfer it to manufacturing for your pre-production or low-volume production runs.


A big issue with test fixtures is that each one is custom, with test probes positioned to suit the board under test. Lots of fixture houses make a good business customising standard fixture kits, and a fully customised solution can easily cost thousands of dollars. Our system allows you to custom drill the probe plate yourself fairly easily with simple tools, and we have a complete illustrated assembly guide that shows you how. But more excitingly we also offer a completely automated, low-cost drilling service. Upload a spreadsheet detailing where you need the probes positioned; our Drillbot checks everything and helps you fix problems; then just order online using the job number it gives you. We custom drill your fixture on our CNC mill, and typically ship the same day.


How inexpensive is it? Fixtures start at $149 and complete custom drilling is $25! That's about an order of magnitude less than typical test fixtures.


I realise that this sort of pricing is still out of range for many hobbyists, and you typically won't need this capability for projects where there will only ever be one prototype. But I know many folks here have day jobs in engineering roles, and hopefully this is something that might be of some interest. And of course, please mention us to your friends!


We have a YouTube channel with an introductory video and several "Customer Showcase" videos showing examples of fixture that people have built: www.youtube.com/user/merifix . If anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer them.



-- Matthew, Merifix Electronics


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